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Features & Benefits

Med lock box

The Wellbeings Medication Lock Box has been developed as a secure solution for keeping medications safely stored at home, in a facility or while traveling.

The design and construction of each unit has been carefully researched and engineered to provide the best possible restricted access to medications while also being reliable and easy to use.

The design of the box has evolved to the current models we are offering. Safe round corners and shoulders, a strong carrying handle, the most reliable lock available, an easy to clean waterproof interior and top quality materials and finishes make the Wellbeings Medication Lock box the best choice in the market.

Size Options:

Offered in two sizes, customers choose the one most suited to their needs. The Standard model easily holds 12 or more standard sized medications bottles or containers. It’s a popular choice for young families, grandparents, caregivers for seniors living alone or anyone who wishes to lock up medications in their home.

Commercial facilities often choose the Standard model as well for day to day security of medication they are handling, storing or transporting. If a large amount of medications need to be protected or stored the Large size lock box is a favored choice. Mostly chosen for institutional uses the Large size is often requested by families where more medications are present. This size also comfortably stores blister packed pill containers.