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Wellbeings own line of Locking Medication Boxes!

Med lock box

Wellbeings Medical Products Inc., the retail products division of Wellbeings, now offers Locking Medications Boxes for sale on line and through direct orders.

It’s the perfect solution to concerns about deterring access medications by children and teenagers in the home. It’s also ideal for restricting access to medications in institutional settings, in home care settings, in schools, while traveling and for transporting medications anywhere, even picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy.

“We’ve seen increasing interest from hospitals and pharmacies, pain management clinics and even pharmaceutical research departments” says Wellbeings President Peggi Shepherd DeGroote. “Foster homes and home care services have also placed orders – and expressed their delight that there is a product like this available in Canada! “

“And, importantly, we regularly hear from customers who are grateful that they have finally found a solution for their concerns, whether it be from mothers with small children at home or with teenagers and their friends around. Their grandparents are concerned too!”

To order a Wellbeings Locking Medications Box simply click on the boxes shown on this website! For larger orders please call directly to our Marketing Services 905 570 5578.