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Parents Beware – Medications and the Risk to Children

Before medications disappear

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – stumbling upon a child unconscious from an apparent ingestion of medications. Now the clock starts and every minute counts. Who do you contact? 911? Poison Control? Might we suggest 911 and let the operator connect with whoever else may be necessary to
help in this situation. To do otherwise may delay help in the form of emergency medical services.

Remember, time counts! The trick is to follow advice from the professionals, especially when it comes to things like whether to induce vomiting – or not.

We have another suggestion: how about a locking medication box that will prevent a child from accessing potentially dangerous medications, vitamins, supplements, etc. in the first place. Keep in mind that children will explore their world. Once they are mobile, as in crawling, your vigilance needs to kick into full gear. Infants do a lot of their exploring with their mouths. Everything is worth a taste.

Older children will consider anything that looks like candy to be fair game. At this point we won’t even go into what pre-teens and teens may be up to. We know from research about 20% of them are getting opioids from home. Infants and young children cannot be expected to look out for their own best interests. This falls on you.

So called child-resistant caps and lids may not be the answer to unwanted entry by your loved ones. It may just provide an additional challenge. Can you really afford to take the chance? So what can you do?

Here at Wellbeings®, we have the solution – the Wellbeings Medical Lock Box. Constructed of sturdy materials, our boxes will safely store all your dangerous medications. The combination locking system eliminates the need to add yet another key to your key ring and potentially lose it.

Available in two sizes, this indispensable item is the answer to safety in the home when it comes to access by children. Choose the size to accommodate all of your meds, etc.

When it comes to the welfare of all of our children, being proactive is the way to go. Wellbeings Medical Lock Boxes can be part of your defense strategy.

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