About Us

Wellbeings® Medical Products is a manufacturer, distributor, B2B Partner and  retailer for medical products related to safety for patients and families.  Wellbeings® has been manufacturing and retailing custom made medical lock boxes designed by Canadian Engineers to ensure safekeeping of medications and over the counter (OTC) products to ensure that only the people who the medications are intended for have access to the medications.  The medical lockboxes were created well over a decade ago when the opioid crises was not even talked about publicly.  Now, families all over North America can safely store medications, OTC goods and cannabis.  We need to keep our families and community safe from addiction and potential overdose.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wellbeings® undertook to create CNC machined protective shields so that our vital health care workers and other businesses could continue to work during major lockdowns more safely.  The products produced in polycarbonate have been widely sought after for medical and dental offices, restaurants and offices. If companies are local to Wellbeings, custom products have been measured and produced. However, we needed a better solution that could be flat-packed and was easy to assemble at POC facilities. The desk-top  and countertop units have been very successful and meet the needs of the end user.  The philosophy and mission for Wellbeings to “keep people safe” continues.

Wellbeings® undertakes extensive charitable, not-for-profit work and it is in this light that J&J vaccines are now available to Wellbeings and its partners for not-for-profit companies and countries, wanting to have access to the vaccinations.  All prices are quoted F.O.B. nearest airport for delivery.  A 10% fully-refundable deposit is required for orders and the balance prior to shipping.  The vaccine lot numbers are provided prior to shipping for ensuring the company/country is receiving what they ordered. Balance is due at the time of shipping and the monies are held in escrow until the shipment has been verified by the purchaser. Shipments can be made in as little as 7 days.  

Wellbeings welcomes inquiries.  Please direct inquiries to sales@wellbeings.ca